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TestimonialsDXAnalyzer ™ is the only X-ray digitizing software that removes the 30% magnification distortion inherent to all other forms of X-ray analysis and Mensuration techniques

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DXLite - Send XRays and Receive Your Patient Reports - Download Now

Would now be the best time to quickly identify and measure spinal ligament injuries?

Submit your patient’s X-rays today and our software will mine their films to provide objective evidence that was analyzed and measured within fractions of a millimeter.

Harness the power of objectively designed treatment plans.

Once you receive the Biomechanical reports you will recognize from the Impressions what steps are necessary to properly treat your patient based on objective evidence.

Are you up to speed on Post Payment Review; knowing the impact on your assets!

Today you can know how to secure the assets that you own. Create future protection for your practice, family, and reputation from serious legal charges filed against you by the Insurance Company. Provide them with objective proof of your patient’s injuries to defend against "Post-Payment Review".

You would like to have all of your claims to be paid by Insurance adjusters today!

You will now be able to easily provide a treatment plan based on the objective evidence. The adjusters want to know if the accident occurred, was the patient injured as a result of the accident, and can you design an effective treatment plan.

Are you ready today to know if your patients have a ratable impairment from their spinal injury?

Using the AMA Guidelines to validate an impairment percentage due to injury and certified by an M.D. This allows you to have a ratable impairment based on the 4th, 5th, or 6th Edition Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

Now provide information to enable your attorney to maintain your treatment cost.

You will be able to provide your Attorney with 9-12 pages of evidence-based, objective findings that adhere to the AMA Guidelines. These facts will validate the nature and extent of your patient’s injuries.

In today’s troubled marketplace, we all agree now is the time to receive objective outcome evidence of your patient’s injuries at no cost to you?

This service is free to the referring Doctor. At the end of treatment are medical radiologist signs off for impairment ratings and this procedure is billed on the medical side of the patients insurance preserving chiropractic benefits. We simply bill your patient’s Insurance carrier. Submit your patient’s X-rays today into our free DXLite download interface or simply mail the films directly to our office. We guarantee a 24-48 hour turnaround after receipt.